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Fighting Techniques

Credit for this goes mainly to Curtis H. Hoffmann Addition credit goes to Nick Skarzynski, Ed Weinstein, David Chang, and Howard Chan

Ki: Means 'energy'. It is the internal energy you generate when you attack something (as in Karate.)

Ki-ai: The shout made when focussing the 'ki'.

Ha: In the following attacks, 'ha' appears in the name occasionally. While 'ha' can translate to 'wave', it is also the ki-ai people make when focussing their bodies on an attack. Usually, 'ha' doesn't really have meaning, it's just a loud sound made when you're fighting.

Ken: This can mean either 'fist', or 'technique.' As in Hokuto no Ken: It can mean "Fist of the Northstar," or "Northstar Techniques."

Fighting Styles and Attacks

Janken: Actually the Japanese name for "scissors/paper/stone." Gokuu punches (stone) and the proper counter is a block (paper.) Scissors is a poke in the eyes.

Kamehame-ha: A power blast. Originally, Kamesennin was the only one that could do this, after 50 years of training. Gokuu picked it up just by watching. (Kame means "turtle".) Jackie Chun is the third person to have been seen using this attack. Later on, a number of other characters start using it. Can translate to "Wave Attack of the Turtle Sect/School," or simply "Turtle sect" + ki-ai. (For those who missed it: Jackie Chun is actually Kamesennin in disguise, for those times when he wants to fight in the Budoukai. Further, Kamehameha is the name of a very famous Hawaiian King.)

Sansouken: Translates to "One Pattern". This move is a fake, where the attacker moves so fast that an after-image is left behind. Gokuu has been able to leave three images of himself. First used by Jackie Chun.

Dodon-Pa: This actually a mimetic adjective used to describe something that is very powerful (eg. -- That bull is dodon strong.) This is the name Tao-pie Pie uses for his finger-blast, which initally is more powerful than Gokuu's Kamehame-ha. Dodon can also be used as a sound effect for an explosion (kind of like calling your bomb a "ka-whump".)

Rouga Fuufuu Ken: Yamcha's "Wolf Wind Attack." In volume 10, this is replaced by Shin-Rouga Fuufuu Ken, or "New" Wolf Wind Attack.

Shiyou Ken: Four Arms. This allows Tenshinhan to grow an extra pair of arms from his back. Not used after his first Budoukai.

Haikyou Ken: Tenshinhan's "Volleyball" attack. Basically, Gokuu is tossed into the air, received, and then spiked into the ground.

Shin-tsurusen-ryuu Taiyou-ken: This is a blinding attack used by Tenshinhan during the Tenkaichi-budoukai. His entire body can glow with a very intense light. Translates to "New Crane School Sun Fist," or "Sun Technique."

Kikouhou: "Energy cannon/bomb/shot." Another of Tenshinhan's techniques. Requires a lot of concentration, and can be very devastating. But, continued use of it can kill the caster, as it uses up a lot of the person's energy each time.

Chou-nou-ryoku: Translates to "Ultimate Ability" aka -- ESP. Chau-zu can cause people to freeze in place, levitate, etc. If he freezes someone long enough, either their heart will stop, or they'll suffocate.

Makousen: Translates to "Magic (Demon) Light Beam." Demon King Piccolo's answer to Kamehame-ha.

Mafuu-ha: Translates to "Demon Seal." Kamesennin tries to use this spell to re-capture Demon King Piccolo. If you have a container (like a rice cooker), you can use Mafuu-ha to force Piccolo into it, and keep him there. The trade off is that regardless of whether you succeed, the spell will kill its caster. Kami-sama tries to use it on Ma, Jr., but Ma, Jr. uses Mafuu-ha Gaeshi (Mafuu-ha Return/Rebound) and Kami-sama is captured, instead. Mafuu-fa was originally used by Kamesennin's teacher, Mutaito, to seal up Piccolo.

Sou Ki Dan: Translates to "Energy Bomb." Yamcha's remote-controlled energy ball. Later, Gokuu learns to remote-control his Kamehame-ha bolts.

Super Dodon-pa: A cannon blast that Tao-pie Pie uses against Tenshinhan. Stronger than the regular Dodon attack.

Zanzou-ken: An After-Image Attack. This is a technique that Ma Jr. uses, which is basically the same thing as One Pattern.

Souki-Dan: Big inner-energy ball. Yamcha uses it against Shen.

Me no 12: Twelve Eyes. Tenshin has the ability to create 3 exact clones of himself (actual creations, not just images.)

Chou-Kamehame-ha: The "Ultimate" Kamehame-ha. Gokuu uses it for the first time while facing Ma Junior in volume 16.

Bukuujutsu: Translates to "No Air" This is name of the technique used when people fly around. (Used from volume 16 on up.)

Makankousappou: Piccolo's screw blast. Very powerful, but requires some time to build up the energy, first. Translates to "Devil's penetrating energy killing attack", but can also be treated as "Industrial Light Magic Attack." (Used in vol. 17)

Kaiou Ken: Kaiou-sama had taught Gokuu a series of techniques ('ken') that can raise his power, but cuts his endurance by the same factor. There are a series of Kaiou Ken levels, that are geometric.

Genki Dama: Translates to "Life Force Sphere." Gokuu needs lots of time to gather the energy from the living things on the planet around him. The more energy available, the bigger the sphere. This can only be performed in normal mode -- Super Saiya-jin can't create a Genki Dama, but they can use the energy from it if it already exists. It's not so much an energy attack, as it is a matter of throwing a small star at someone. In the final battle against Majin Buu, Gokuu receives the life energy of people from distant solar systems, over the course of several minutes. In this case, the people have to raise one arm, and voluntarily give the energy to him.

Ki En Zan: Kuririn's "destructo disc", developed to combat Nappa and Vejiita.

Rikuum Eraser Gun: A mouth blast more powerful than most large bombs.

Crusher Ball: Jiisu's super powerful energy sphere.

Daichi Retsuzan: Freeza's Earth Cutter. A slashing energy attack.

Body Change: Ginyuu's ability to switch bodies with whoever he wants.

Shunkan-idou: The teleport ability that Gokuu learns on Yardrat. But he can only jump to a place where someone he knows is located (he has to feel that person's energy to teleport to that place.)

Enerugii Kyuushuu: #19 and #20's Energy Sucking ability. Both androids have receptors in their hands that allow them to drain the power from humans.

Hell's Flash: #16's energy blast attack, fired from his forearms.

Shin-Kikou-hou: Tenshinhan's self-killing energy attack, with 'shin' in front of it (shin == new.) It's argued that the new version is not as suicidal as the old version. I say that Tenshinhan has gained more control over how to use his power (when he uses this against Cell as a delaying tactic, it still drains him pretty completely.)

Shi Baku: Cell's self-destructing world killing blast. Cell bloats up, explodes, and wipes out the planet.

Seru Junia Umi Dashi: Translates to "Spitting out Junior Cells." Cell not only uses his stinger tail to consume people -- he can spit out small, mindless, vicious versions of himself.

Papparapa: (Nonsense syllables) The magic word Babi-Di uses to casts spells.

Ankokusei: The spell Babi-Di uses to teleport people to various places for combat.

Seki Ka Tsuha: Translates to "Turn to Stone Spit." Darbura's ability to turn people into statues by spitting on them. This is a form of magic that is dispelled when Darbura dies.

xxxxxx Ni Natchae: Translates to "Become xxxxx." Buu uses this to turn people into food, which he then eats. He uses this magic to turn Darbura into a cookie, and Chi Chi into an egg (which he steps on.)

Kamekame-ha: Goten's version of Kamehame-ha.

Satsujin Punch: Ikousa's "Assassin's/Kill Person" punch.

Totsugeki: Goten's diving bombing attack.

Rolling Attack: Mr. Satan's rolling attack.

Satan Punch!!! Pretty self explainatary eh?

Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch: Mr. Satan's best punch. Used on #18, it has no effect. Later on, when asked to repeat the full name for the Press, Satan has forgotten it.

Fusion: A process that allows two people to become one. It's not a permanent condition. It requires that the two be of near-equal power, and that they both have a certain amount of prepping. Includes having to go through a stupid-looking set of dance steps.

Super Saiya-jin 1: The new name for what has always been called "Super Saiya-jin."

Super Saiya-jin 2: The new name for Chou Super Saiya-jin, or the level beyond SSJ.

Super Saiya-jin 3: Gokuu's name for "beyond the beyond the Super Saiya-jin." By powering up well past the "Saiya-jin level," Gokuu's face becomes leaner, his hair grows down to his waist and he gets very strong. But, he's still about even with Vejiita (when Vejiita was controlled by Babi-di,) and it's still not enough to defeat Buu.

Super Saiya-jin 4: Gokuu's name for "beyond the beyond the beyond Super Saiya-jin." By powering up this high Goku transforms him self in to an ape like man with dark hair, brown hair covering his body, and a tail.

Galactica Donut: Gotenks' encircling, crushing energy ring.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: Gotenks spits out a ghost of himself. The ghosts explode on impact, which can then do damage and drain you of energy.

Renzoku Super Donuts: (Continuous Super Donuts.) This is like Galactica Donut, with four contracting rings being shot out, instead of just one.

These are all standards punches and kicks, with new names devised by Gotenks; Rolling Thunder Punch, Inoshishi (wild boar) Attack, Power Tackle, Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special, Magnum Thunder, Ultra Miracle Parfait, Hyper Plasma Short Cake.